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Home Recording Studio Hacks for Bedroom Producer

If you are an aspiring producer who is recording sounds, mixing beats, and other aspects in your bedroom home recording, you must know how frustrating it is to know that your production lacks the needed polish. Instead of blaming it on the acoustics of your place, follow these hacks and level up your home-recoding production game.

Treating your room: Use acoustic panels to soundproof the room so that they absorb the reflections that will make your recording echoey and inaudible. If you do not have money to purchase equipment like square acoustic studio foam, use blankets, pillows, and other materials that could absorb sound.

Purchase a good mic chain: A solid mic chain will help improve your music’s sound quality.

Minimize the background noise: When you are recording at home, it can be very challenging to reduce or mitigate the background noise, especially if you are staying near a busy street or have a roommate. To prevent noise from creeping and destroying your recording, listen carefully to your environment. If there are some disturbances in the background, you can use RX software.

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